'Centrum Care Homes' secures the future of two care homes earmarked for closure. 

After more than three years in administration, the future of two of Teignmouth’s much-needed care homes has been secured, thanks to the intervention of Centrum Care Homes. 

In a move that sees the well-being of 45 residents, and 60 local jobs, safe-guarded, highly-regarded care provider, Centrum Care Homes, purchased Croft Lodge and The White House, adding to its successful portfolio. Having achieved an ‘Outstanding’ CQC rating for its Berkshire care services, the business felt able to expand its offering, and throw a lifeline to the two beleaguered Teignmouth homes. 

There is currently a national shortage of care homes, with a 42,000 shortfall anticipated within the next 5 years. Despite a population in excess of 15,000, Teignmouth only hosts 19 care homes, so the loss of two of them would have had a significant impact upon the local community – not to mention the existing residents, and the people who work with them. 

“Families put in a lot of effort to find the right care home for their loved ones, so the threat of having to relocate can be very stressful,” explains Tushar Shah, of Centrum Care Homes. ‘We’ve worked hard to deliver the highest level of care and the best quality of life to our residents in our Berkshire establishments, and we have now reached the stage where we are able to further develop our services with the acquisition of new premises. When we heard about the plight of the Teignmouth residents it became obvious what our next steps should be. 

‘High quality care homes are in short supply throughout the UK. It would be irresponsible to allow The White House and Croft Lodge to close when we have the ability to prevent it. Our aim now is to not just ensure continuity of care for the existing residents, but to make both homes even more appealing for them, and future residents.

The two Teignmouth homes will become the first in the Centrum Care Homes portfolio and will complement their care activities in Berkshire.